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Creating SSL Certs for Development

For most web applications it is imperative to run the authorization and authentication over an ssl channel. As developers we are often tasked with creating environments for testing/staging purposes before we deploy on production.


Utility Mapping with ISSR GIS Services

Figuring out the noodle soup of electrical terms for utility mapping for the non-electrical engineer GIS professional can be a bit head-spinning at times. Power plants, power stations, generators, transformers, capacitors, voltage regulators, circuit breakers, meters and fuses...


Slideshows Using Drupal 7 and Views

Today we will be explaining how to create a Drupal Views Slideshow similar to the one found on our home page (look to the right).


Drupal 7.12 on IIS and SQL Server

Ideally, Drupal installations run on Apache and MySQL. Drupal can operate on other platforms such as IIS and SQL Server, but these installations require extra work and are not for the average user. We will cover upgrading using these technologies.


Drupal - Using Content Types

With over 22,000 downloads per week in 2011, Drupal has major support in the US and over-seas (2011 OSCMS). Huge companies like AOL, Sony, and Warner Bros trust and use Drupal to "build everything from personal blogs to enterprise applications."


  • Internet Mapping Application Development
  • Maps for Publication, PowerPoint and Posters
  • Census Data Mapping
  • Data and Map Mashups
  • Research Proposal Support
  • Pilot-Survey Grant Support Initiative
  • Support for faculty seeking external funding
  • Emphasis on multi-investigator and interdisciplinary research
  • DRUPAL Support
  • Migration to Pantheon
  • Site Maintenance Support
  • Database Admin Support
  • Custom Drupal module development