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9th Annual Geospatial Careerfest

Monday, March 23, 2015
1:00PM - 4:00PM
ASU Memorial Union
Arizona Room (221)

The demand for employees with knowledge of geospatial technologies is high. Local employers are always in search of qualified applicants for their many jobs that use GIS, remote sensing and other related technologies. What types of jobs are out there? What are the qualifications for those jobs? To help students with the answers to those questions, ASU and the Arizona Geographic Information Council (AGIC) are hosting the 9th Annual GeospatialCareer Fest. Over 40 groups that use geospatial technology will be attending the event to talk to students about what types of jobs they have and the skills they are looking for. Now is your chance to come and meet the people who might hire you someday and to find out how you can prepare yourself to get the jobs.

Please note, this is not a hiring fair. Students are there to learn about the types of skills and experiences they should be gathering while in school to make them well prepared for the job market when they graduate. It is an added bonus that some groups are looking for interns or new hires at this time and are able to advertise during this event.

For questions regarding this seminar of if you would like to volunteer to represent your place of employment, please contact Shea Lemar.